Is ORS Black Owned?

ORS is the first, black hair care company to be recognized by American blacks and Africans for its groundbreaking, original products. They may not be the biggest or fastest growing black owned business, but They are one of the most influential.

ORS is not black owned. ORS is owned by Namaste Laboratories which is a subsidiary of Dubai based Dabur.

They have created a number of products that broke with traditional beauty attitudes about black hair. These include sprays that enhance curls, conditioners that moisturize without weighing down hair, and products designed to keep dreadlocks soft, healthy  looking.

They are also proud of our longtime commitment to conservation by delivering zero waste in our manufacturing process.


Namaste Laboratories is the maker of ORS Hair Care Systems , a line of award-winning sulfate-free haircare products designed to protect and enhance ethnic hair.

The line is available in more than 12,000 salons, barbershops and beauty supply stores in the United States and all over the world. Dabur International, located in Dubai, purchased the firm in 2010. Its assets include various health and hair care brands from 35 countries. 

Shawn Tollerson has worked his way up the corporate ladder over the years, beginning as a writer for a hair care business and progressing to brand management and working on various marketing initiatives.There have been some changes in her job as CEO of the firm during the last year, but she is optimistic that the team is headed in the right way. As 2018 begins, the ORS family is renewing a long-standing product: the Olive Oil brand.

Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) is a well-known brand with a significant following that just underwent a makeover as part of a special marketing push.


Many black women have visited the ORS website and shared their stories of hair loss and growth as a result of using some ORS products. Women who had lost hair completely due to stress, age, illnesses such as lupus, or pregnancy found relief with help from this company’s products.

The line offers everything from leave-in conditioners to hair treatments that promote volume and manageability. Women have shared their excitement about the revitalizing masque that helps increase hair texture and shine. One woman said she uses it to revitalize her thin hair for special occasions while others have shared how the masque helped them regain their natural hair texture after transitioning from relaxed to natural.

Another product that is a customer favorite is the Healing Oil Conditioner which helps moisturize dry or damaged hair while protecting against breakage.


ORS Hair Care Systems is a product of Namaste Laboratories, Since the 1960s, Chicago has bred a slew of entrepreneurs who have made a fortune in the beauty and haircare industries.

Many Black-owned businesses that paved the path from Soft Sheen to Luster have been sold off to larger corporations or foreign control.

With African-American women spending an estimated $7.5 billion on beauty and hair care products, just one large worldwide haircare firm is led by a Black female CEO.

As CEO, your managerial approach has landed you in the top rang. The Company was one of the first to offer unique specialty products specifically designed for the nutritional demands of men and women within a growing population.


ORS Hair Care Systems has a rich heritage in the development of hair care products for ethnic hair and exhibiting a social commitment to environmental improvement by producing zero waste in its manufacturing process. The line is designed to work with all hair types, textures and curl patterns while respecting ethnic hair traditions. ORS’s continued leadership in haircare science and hair care technologies has made it the brand of choice for stylists throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.