Is Maui Moisture Black Owned?

The recent news that the company L’Oreal is buying up a majority of Maui Moisture’s stock has many black women asking, “Is Maui Moisture Black Owned?” While it may seem like an odd question to some, this blog post will explore what it means for a company to be black owned and why black ownership matters.

So, is Maui Moisture black owned? Maui Moisture is not black owned. Maui Moisture has three owners: India Batson Martinez, Dayna Bolden and Jackie Stiff. They are beauty experts as well models who have their own channels on YouTube to share advice about hair care products with women around the globe.

Maui Moisture

Read on to find out more about Maui Moistures ownership.

Maui Moisture Ownership

Dayna Bolden

Dayna is an Instagram sensation who has been featured for so many beauty products and cosmetic brands.

Professionally, she is the CEO of Bolden Creative Media in Maryland where she creates content about lifestyle and beauty products specifically targeting women there.

Dayna inspires women around the world with her credible influence on their community empire that inspired many lives too!

India Batson Martinez

India Batson Martinez has conquered the world of beauty and women’s lifestyle.

With more than 400k subscribers on her YouTube channel, she provides helpful advice for life in general; not just cosmetics or hair care tips.

Many brands feature India Batson Martinez as an important face in their branding efforts to attract a millennial audience base that is very loyal to this model-turned YouTuber.

Jackie Stiff

Jackie Stiff is an influential hairstylist and cosmetic expert who appears on many major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

She has a great influence because of her impressive looks that often appear in brand advertisements.

Social Media Following

Name of the OwnersInstagram IDFollowers Passion
Dayna Bolden@daynabolden122kModel, fitness couch, beauty expert, and content creator
India Batson Martinez@Indiabatson100kDigital Creator, YouTuber, model Beauty couch 
Jackie Stiff@justlikejackies44.9kFeatured model, Digital Creator, hairstylist, beauty and cosmetic expert 

How Did Maui Moisture Black Become A Brand?

“The idea of a hair oil brand was not there in our mind, we thought, we met, and we decided. Now, the products are entertaining the world”

                  – Dayna Bolden, leading feature model of Maui. CEO of Bolden Creative Media

Here’s how the brand started:

  1. The Idea

When Dayna Bolden was searching for ingredients to create her hair oil, she realized that there were many crucial elements missing from the well-known brands.

This encouraged her to develop an all natural product just for herself. After seeing how it transformed her curl hairs, she decided on creating a brand out of it.

  1. Beginnings

Dayna was the first one to have the concept of making an oil brand. This idea came about when she decided to search for different hair curl women who were interested in similar things.

She finally discovered India Batson Martinez and Jackie Stiff on Instagram, but at first it was difficult communicating with them because they kept their work secret from her.

  1. Creation

The curators outlined three distinct sections of hair care products based on the kind of curls most desired.

They decided to use different levels of moisture for each type, including heavy creams, milk and lotions which were categorized as moisturizing agents.

The Maui Moisture product line has given many people with different hair types the opportunity to find a type that suits them best.


I hope that this article has helped you to understand the history of Maui Moisture and their products. If you have any questions about what I’ve written here, please feel free to reach out!