How To Find Black Owned Businesses?

There is always support available if you’re a growing black business. To receive that support, you have to search for it and utilize it to your best ability.

We’re here to answer your question “How To Find Black Owned Business”? 

You can find black owned businesses through social media, apps, and live social events. You can use directories that are designed to put black businesses owners together. With a mixture of online and offline methods, it’s easy to get in contact with black businesses.

This article will define how black entrepreneurs can find each other. We’ll even include a few websites and apps that are worth looking into. By the end, you’ll have enough information to create future business opportunities. 

How To Find Black Owned Businesses?

The first way you can find black owned businesses is through a directory. There are online business directories that can get you connected with black companies, services, and groups. By doing so, you can improve your business’s local and global visibility. 

When looking for black businesses, see if they share similar goals as yours. For instance, you might be a hairstylist that finds businesses that are within the cosmetic industry. Through directories, you’ll have a better chance at knowing other black companies within your vicinity. 

But don’t limit yourself to just directories. There are a myriad of online websites and communities aimed at promoting the growth of black people. 

There are desktop and mobile apps that are designed for the empowerment of black people. For instance, SunUp is an iOS-based app that uses various tags to find your desired business industry.

Here are some apps you can look into:

  • Black Nation: Black Nation allows for black companies to create their own listings. It includes category searches, geotagging technology, and business reviews. Thus, making it a good app for networking and business promotion. 
  • EatOkra: EatOkra is an app that is the first black-owned restaurant directory. It features 2,500 restaurants within the U.S. and allows users to search by location and cuisine. 
  • Official Black Wall Street: Try Official Black Wall Street if you need global reach and business connections. The app sends notifications when a black owned business is nearby, allowing you to interact with them in person.
  • WeBuyBlack: Starting in 2015, We Buy Black is an e-marketplace for black products and goods. You’ll find specialty items such as handmade jewelry and daily items through the use of this app. 
  • Support Black Owned: Support Black Owned is a mobile app and website that helps with locating black businesses around the country. 

You can use these apps as a segway to find more contacts when using them. They were designed to give users updates and show featured businesses related to their needs and goals. Use these apps as a resource, and you’ll be surprised at how much support you’ll receive.  


Did you know that Google is working to help its users find, support, and network with black owned businesses? Based on their searching algorithm, “Black owned businesses” search queries have increased by 600% within the past 12 months. 

In addition, Google and Opportunity Finance Network have partnered together to give over $30 million to black companies. This was a part of Google’s $50 million plan with its Grow With Google Small Business Fund. 

Start locally if you’re trying to find new business contacts. For example, you can take small-town newspapers to notice newer businesses that have started around your area. That way, you can contact them and see if they are willing to do business with you. 

Social Media Platforms 

You can even use social media platforms like LinkedIn to find other black-owned businesses. LinkedIn allows you to create a professional profile and filter search results. By joining a few groups on LinkedIn, you’ll find other black entrepreneurs who are willing to grow their network.

In addition, you can use Instagram to find independent black-owned brands, shops, and support groups. When posting on the platform, use the hashtags: #SupportBlackArt #ShareBlackStrories, #SupportBlackBusiness.

Live Events

Search around to find local black business and networking events. Chances are, you’ll find one that represents your goals and aspirations. Go to Black Tie Events, social gatherings, and other live events to find more like minded individuals and business opportunities. 


To conclude, you can find a black owned business through newspapers, social media, apps. When looking for them, make sure their business goals align with yours. That way, both parties can benefit and help share success in the long run.