How To Shop Black Owned

Let’s face it; we live in a world where some companies are problematic. You’re empowering a company that uses socially conscious policies and positively represents minorities by supporting a black-owned business.

So how do you shop black owned?

To shop for black owned businesses, you must locate them by city, industry, and directories. These three methods will allow you to connect with black entrepreneurs and companies. Once connected, you’ll have a variety of products to choose from. 

This article will give you insights on where to locate and shop at black-owned businesses. By the end, you’ll have the confidence needed to empower businesses to grow and become economically sufficient.  

How To Shop Black Owned?

First, you’ll need to find a city with a high concentration of black-owned firms. In Georgia, approximately 20% of the businesses are owned by African Americans. By finding these cities, you’ll find multiple black businesses that might be of interest. 

Next, you’ll want to determine what industry you’re shopping in. Are you trying to buy the latest fashion pieces? Certain black owned clothing brands such as Telfar and Riot Swim are available and have multiple clothing styles that are innovative and show cultural heritage. 

Third, start by looking at online directories that are solely for black businesses. Here are some that are available:

  • BLK + GRN: BLK + GRN is a directory that supports wellness, community cultivation, and health. It is a marketplace that sells natural beauty products and cosmetics to enhance the lifestyles of African Americans.
  • Miiriya: Miiriya is an app that allows users to connect with black businesses with a few clicks. The app aims to give shoppers a seamless way to support black-owned businesses. 
  • Bold XChange: Bold XChange is a directory that made a platform aimed to support black entrepreneurs. You can find apparel, nail care, and tea products, giving you enough opportunities to support African American enterprises. 

If you’re social media savvy, you’ll notice a lot of black-owned brands. Sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are great for black groups to connect and provide better business opportunities.

When shopping for black-owned businesses, try to understand the culture behind the company. How long have they been in business? How do they support the black community? Asking these questions will give you an ethical perspective on how black businesses operate. 

Take time to network with fellow black entrepreneurs. You’ll find similarities in cultural and professional backgrounds, giving you more connections in the long run. 

Why Shop at Black Owned Businesses?

Shopping at black-owned businesses gives you the chance to invest in African American culture. And, it helps you find natural and unique products not found in large companies. Here are some reasons why you should consider shopping at black enterprises and companies. 

Community Growth 

Shopping at black owned businesses helps promote success and increases community morale. You are recycling money back to the black community and establishing a precedent for future generations. You’re generating wealth and giving minority youth and adolescents inspiration to become successful by doing this. 

Support and Representation

In 2020, companies across the U.S. sector had made multiple states supporting Black-owned businesses. The majority of these statements were false, as they were not addressing their racist business models, policies, and practices. 

 For instance, Jeff Bezos made an Instagram post to show his support of African American communities. However, Amazon has been partnered with the Ring Doorbell Initiative. The Ring Doorbell Initiative has over a thousand police departments involved and disproportionately discriminates against African Americans. 

You’re supporting the truth behind these racial differences by supporting black-owned businesses. It gives businesses a sense of political power and opportunity that larger companies would have misrepresented. 

Companies that claim they “support” black businesses like to have campaigns with racial undertones. Whether it’s Aunt Jemima’s subtle symbol of slavery or fashion brands with stereotypical clothing, African Americans are always a target for corporate discrimination. 

Job Creation

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate skyrocketed. In fact, 50% of the adult African American population was unemployed. When public health crises became a major concern, black businesses were also affected. 

Supporting black-owned businesses allows you to create new jobs within the community. You’re giving low-income families the ability to move up to middle-class. Thus, creating a cycle of growth and economic prosperity. 


To conclude, shopping for black owned businesses is essential for improving African American economic and professional opportunities. When shopping, find the industry whose cultural values match yours. That way, you can create a better future for black companies.