Is As I Am A Black Owned Company?

As I Am is a company that caters to and celebrates black beauty and culture. From the products to the employees, this company embraces diversity and uniqueness. As an African American woman myself, I can attest to their quality of care for all people.

But is As I Am a black owned company? No, As I Am is not a black owned company. As I Am is owned by Dr Ali Syed who is originally from Pakistan.

As I Am is a non-black-owned hair product line, which is 100% natural and is made from ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen.

Dr. Syed and his team set out to develop products that would replenish moisture for healthier curl definition while maintaining style integrity without harsh ingredients or greasy residue.

In addition to being eco-friendly and economical, this also allows us to offer the most natural products possible to their customers.

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As I Am is an amazing company started by Ali Syed. their first product was the now famous ‘As I Am Cleansing Pudding’.

It was used as a shampoo and then turned into a Blue Black Hair Dye because customers were using it like one. This is where the company name came from, because “As I Am” was already a product line that gave hair amazing curl definition, body, and shine.

In 2006 As I Am launched their own website and began to grow in popularity with fans on Youtube and various social networks praising the products.

The next year As I Am released more new products and began to expand the line, including new gels and styling creams. 


As I Am, an eco-chic beauty line that focuses on products free of harmful chemicals, has made a huge name for itself in the natural hair community.

As I Am’s mission is simple: To make eco-friendly products that give you the best hair of your life.

As I Am not only offers high quality deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners, but also shampoos and styling products. But don’t forget the most important part–how it makes your hair smell!

As I Am has expanded into markets such as Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Target and Amazon to provide more customers with easier access to their favorite product lines.

Each store provides different products based on demand.  The brand now has 9 different styling products to help you create any style you desire. Whether it be wash-n-go, twist out, roller sets or an updo, As I Am has the right product for your hair type and texture.

The company is also constantly expanding its line of professional products for stylists to give their customers the best experience possible.

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“We learned so much about what women wearing natural-textured hair wanted and what they didn’t want in terms of certain ingredients such as mineral oil, sulfates and silicones. We also came to know what the natural ladies were doing to care and style their hair, and what they needed the products to do.” 

“We felt that we got into their hearts and minds”, says Dr. Syed.

As the vision of celebrating one’s natural hair texture emerged, he knew that there was something they could do to honor this growing lifestyle.

As many women began to embrace their own natural curls, product after product came into R&D. With each meeting with their employees and customers in mind,.

From cleansing…to conditioning…to curling…to moisturizing…their collection of products represents what we stand for: innovative formulas that are healthy for your hair, made using premium oils and extracts including Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera.


Additionally, As I Am just recently released a new hair care system specifically for transitioners. This four month program contains everything needed to achieve healthy hair while transitioning away from chemical based products. Using As I Am’s luxurious deep conditioners, leave-in conditioner and shampoo, you can have your hair under control in no time!

As I Am’s professional products are also used by stylists all over the world.

As I Am products are now being sold in salons in Canada, Malaysia, Australia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East!